B.S. Degree in Organizational Leadership

Purpose of Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership at CBS is designed for those pursuing exemplary Christian leadership in business, management, entrepreneurship, church or parachurch organizations. The curriculum supports a unique philosophy that affirms the business and organizational competencies necessary for success, while challenging students to see organizations as strategic stewardships of Christian leaders. The degree program seeks to develop traits of character and competence in students and prepare them to face the challenges of leadership in an ever-changing world. 


Quick Facts of Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership

  • Minimum of 33 total hours in major at CBS
  • Minimum of 126 total hours to graduate

Program Goals of Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership

  1. Categorize the literary forms of biblical books.
  2. Know foundational principles of inductive Bible interpretation.
  3. Defend biblically one’s position on major biblical interpretive issues.
  4. Understand a variety of rhetorical devices, arguments and genres.
  5. Understand biblical leadership and appreciate the value of that leadership in a business environment.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to integrate one’s Christian faith with organizational purpose.
  7. Evaluate management and leadership decisions with ethical character, sound business judgment and critical thinking skills.
  8. Understand the principles of communicating, motivating and aligning people and teams to accomplish organization objectives.
  9. Develop analytical expertise and functional frameworks drawn from a broad range of managerial skills.
  10. Learn skills useful for Christian ministry.

Suggested Sequence of Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership

Curriculum (Suggested for Full-time Students)

Year 1

  • MSMN 1301 Bible Study Methods
  • HIST 2321 Western Civilization 1
  • ENGL 1301 English Composition 1
  • COSC 1317 Basic Computer Science
  • MSCE 3363 The Role of the Pastor’s Wife in Life and Ministry

  • BIBL 1311 Pentateuch

  • THEO 1311 Introduc on to Theological Method

  • ENGL 1302 English Composi on 2

  • MSCE 3305 Spiritual Health of the Pastor’s Wife

  • BIBL 1312 Historical Literature

  • THEO 1312 God, Christ, and Holy Spirit ENGL 2312 Research and Writing
  • MCSP 2011 Chris an Service Learning Program

Year 2

  • THEO 1313 Man, Sin and Salvation
  • BIBL 1321 Gospels
  • Language/Culture/Humanities
  • BIBL 1213 Wisdom Literature
  • LSOL 1301 Introduction to Christian Leadership
  • Language/Culture/Humanities, 2
  • THEO 1314 Angels, Church and Prophecy
  • BIBL 1322 Acts and Pauline Epistles
  • LSOL 3302 Organizations as Strategic Christian Stewardships
  • MCSP 2011 Christian Service Learning Program
  • BIBL 1323 General Epistles and Revelation
  • MATH 1322 Mathematical Principles

Year 3

  • LSOL 3303 Interpersonal Skills of Leadership
  • LSOL 3304 Team Leadership, Empowerment and Group Dynamics in Organizations
  • BIBL 1414 Prophets
  • MSMN 2302 Spiritual Life
  • LSOL 3305 Organizational Culture and Change Process
  • LSOL 4301 Human Resource Management
  • HIST 2324 Church History
  • PHIL 2304 Worldview
  • LSOL 4302 Financial Management for Organizations
  • LSOL 4303 Principles of Marketing
  • BIOL 2301 Anatomy and Physiology
  • MCSP 2011 Christian Service Learning Program

Year 4

  • LSOL 4304 Project Planning and Management
  • LSOL 4305 Case Studies in Organizational Leadership and Ethics
  • PHIL 3305 Christian Ethics
  • GOVT 2301 Principles of American Politics
  • LSOL 4306 Applied Organizational Leadership Research Project
  • ENGL 2332 Literary Tradition
  • Elective
  • Elective