CBS Calendar | College of Biblical Studies

CBS Calendar

To schedule an event, classroom or meeting space, please contact one of the following CBS staff members: 

Classroom Calendar

Terrie Thomas at 832-252-4614, or email her at [email protected].(Non-events: Holidays, campus closures, classroom scheduling, changes, cancellations and *CBS meeting request)

Student Calendar
Leonette Lewis @ 832-252-0729, or email her at [email protected].
(Student Council, Student Life, Student Chapel, Career Opportunities, Dean of Student announcements)

To schedule an event or CBS meeting, please complete a *Facilities-Classroom Utilization Request Form and/or ªMarCom project/event request form .  Please note a new project/event is subject to department VP and Directional Team approval. Once approved, the project/event will be sent to MarCom for assessment and scheduling.