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Proquest Database Tutorial - Video Links

Proquest Database Tutorials

Basic Search Tutorial – Youtube video 1:24 minutes

ProQuest Basic Search provides a simple and intuitive path to retrieving results quickly.

Advance Search Tutorial – Youtube video 1:49 minutes

Use the ProQuest Advanced search to construct your search using a form, selecting specific fields and descriptive terms.

Publications – Youtube video 1:54minutes

Use the Publications search page in ProQuest to browse, search or create alerts for specific titles.

Look Up Citation – Youtube video 1:06 minutes

Look up citations in ProQuest using the information you have.

Figures and Table Search – Youtube video 2:49 minutes

ProQuest's figures & tables searching makes it easy to find images, tables and other objects within articles.

Email PDF – Youtube video 1:58 minutes

Email PDFs and original file formats from ProQuest

RSS Feeds – Youtube video 2:09 minutes

Keep tabs on new content (by search or by publication) using RSS feeds from ProQuest.

Create and Manage email Alerts – Youtube video 1:39 minutes

Create alerts to receive notice when new content is added to ProQuest.

Widgets – Youtube video 2:14 minutes

Add a widget for easy access to ProQuest from wherever you need it.

My Research – Youtube video 1:06 minutes

Save, organize and share your research in ProQuest with My Research

Folders – Youtube video 2:40 minutes

Use folders to organize the documents you save to My Research.

eBooks  (ebrary by ProQuest) Tutorials

Ebrary eBooks Simple Search – Youtube video 2:50 minutes

A basic search of eBooks in ProQuest Ebrary

Ebrary Ebooks Downloads – Youtube video 2:26 minutes

How to download ebrary eBooks in ProQuest to your device