Double Play - Dual Credit Program


Double the value of your high school credits!

College of Biblical Studies - Houston is pleased to offer selected college level classes to high school juniors and seniors. The dual credit program provides an opportunity for high school students to not only get a head start on college level course work but also provide you with a unique opportunity to gain a true college experience before graduating high school. All classes are taught by College of Biblical Studies professors. 

Get a head start to your college education!

Dual Credit Enrollment Procedures 

The following steps must be completed each academic year:

1. Apply

  • Complete the College of Biblical Studies dual credit application
  • You will receive an email from the admissions office confirming recepit of your application

2. High School Student Enrollment Form (required each semester)

  • Dual Credit students must complete and submit the high school student enrollment form
  • The form must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian and a high school official (i.e. high school counselor)

3. Official High School Transcript

  • Dual Credit students should provide an official high school transcript to College of Biblical Studies

4. Required Immunization Form

  • Students enrolling in the dual credit program will also need to complete the student immunization record form. (available online at (insert link)

Upon approval of your admission to the dual credit program you will receive an official acceptance email, which includes a reminder of the next steps.

5. Registration 

  • After you have been official accepted into the dual credit program your dual credit adviser will assist you in registering in class. (Note: we must have a signed copy of your high school student enrollment form)
  • Your academic advisor will provide instructions to activate your CBS email account

6. Tuition Payment

  • You can make a payment in the campus store or online. If you have questions our student account representative will be able to assist you.

7. Books and Supplies

  • Visit the CBS Dual Credit website for information and instructions to order your textbooks. Remember students are required to purchase their textbooks prior to the first day of class.

Dual Credit Prices

  • Application Fee: $40
  • Tuition: $83 per credit hour

CBS Admissions is here to help: