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Faculty of the College of Biblical Studies

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CBS demonstrates a strong commitment to the institution's educational mission through faculty who demonstrate scholarship and a heart for ministry. CBS full-time faculty members have significant ministry experience as well as academic qualifications. For instance, the majority of full-time faculty members and adjunct faculty members serve or have served in a staff position at a local church. Some of these ministries include: Missionary, Church Pastor, Associate Pastor, Director of Church Counseling, Coordinator of Pre-Marital Counseling, Student Ministry Pastor, Pastor of Leadership Development, Evangelism Minister, Christian Education Director, Discipleship Pastor, Worship Leader, Church Planting Pastor, Hispanic Pastor, Pastor of Assimilation, Director of Membership and Maturity, Church Consultant, Consultant for Children's Homes, School Principal, Minister of Missions, Camp Director, Chaplain and Minister to Prisons.

The College of Biblical Studies is located in Houston, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne. Leveraging its academic rigor and biblical worldview training, CBS offers a nationally and regionally accredited college education on-ground and online, with several programs offered in the Spanish language. Students receive transformational education and training for service to families, ministries, businesses, and communities around the world. CBS has provided biblically based education to more than 26,000 students since 1976


Full-Time Faculty at the College of Biblical Studies

Dr. Mike Ayers, Professor

Dr. Kirk Barger, Associate Professor

Dr. John Bechtle, Professor of Biblical Studies

France Brown, Jr., Ernest L. Mays Assistant Professor of Expository Preaching and Biblical Teaching

Dr. Richard M. Cozart, Professor

Dr. Nicolas Ellen, Senior Professor

Dr. Sergio Estrada, Professor

Dr. Harold Fisher, Professor

Alex Hernandez, Assistant Professor

Melissa Mosley, Assistant Professor

Dr. Paul R. Shockley, Professor

Dr. Phillip Luke Sinitiere, Professor

Dr. Debra D. Watkins, Professor  


Administrative Faculty at the College of Biblical Studies

Dr. Joel Badal, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness; Professor

Esmeralda Barrera, Senior Academic Advisor; Instructor

Zelda Blocker, Associate Dean of Women’s Discipleship, Instructor

Dr. William "Bill" Blocker, President, Professor

Lee Bouldin, Director of Spiritual Formation, Instructor

Shane Boothe, Distance Education Associate Dean of Operations; Assistant Professor

Dr. Douglas Brooks, Assistant Director of Enrollment Services, Assistant Professor

Dr. Brittany Burnette, Distance Education Associate Dean of Faculty and Curriculum Development; Professor

Luzmar Cobos, Assistant Librarian; Instructor

Dr. Venessa Ellen, Chair of Women's Ministry Department

Dr. Bryce Hantla, Academic Dean; Professor

Debbie Harper, Sr. Enrollment Services Advisor; Assistant Professor

Paul Keith, Vice President Administration and Chief Operating Officer; Assistant Professor

Dr. Leonette Lewis, Associate Dean of Students, Associate Professor

Artis Lovelady, III, Director of Library Services; Assistant Professor

Dr. Israel Loken, Chair, Bible and Theology Departments; Professor

Dr. Marvin R. McNeese Jr., Chair, General Education Department; Professor

Dr. Joseph Parle, Provost; Academic Dean; Professor

Marcus Schrader, Dean of College of Biblical Studies, Indianapolis Campus; Professor

Dr. Lisa Stewart, Registrar and Dean of Students; Professor

Dr. Steve Sullivan, Chair, Ministry Skills Department; Senior Professor

Dr. Tracy Winkler, Assistant Campus Store Manager; Instructor


Faculty Directory A-Z   |   Full-Time Faculty   |   Administrative Faculty