Dr. Harold Fisher

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  • B.S., College of Biblical Studies (Biblical Studies)
  • M.Ed., American Intercontinental University (Instructional Technology)
  • M.Ed., Our Lady of the Lake University (Curriculum and Instruction/Master Technology Teacher)
  • Organizational Leadership Studies, Baptist Bible Seminary
  • Ed.D., Walden University (Teacher Leadership)


As a nine-year-old, Harold Fisher sat under the Sunday school teaching of his grandfather, where he came to saving faith in Christ. Harold’s mother taught for the Houston Independent School District, one of many family members involved in education. Ironically, Harold resisted the insistence of his mother that he attend college. However, her persistence paid off and Harold realized the precious value of education – so much so that he too became a teacher.­

Harold’s educational career afforded him several cherished milestones, not the least of which was being named the Spring Independent School District 2008-09 Teacher of the Year. Teaching computer skills to young people also provided an avenue for his Christian worldview. Having grown up in the church, Harold developed a genuine desire to serve the Lord and recognized that the Lord calls every believer to ministry, not just the pastors and elders.

As a member of the first graduating bachelors class at the College of Biblical Studies (Biblical Studies, 2001), Harold felt ecstatic when Dr. Joe Parle, Academic Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs, invited Harold to become a CBS faculty member. Harold remarked, “I am so blessed to have the opportunity to teach at CBS where I had been so impacted as a student. I truly believe that the degree I received from CBS prepared me to have the God-honoring discipline to make it through my (two) Masters Degrees.” As he now works toward his Ed.D., Harold enjoys bringing his zeal for teaching, for ministry and for computer technology together at the School where it all started for him.

“My favorite students are the ones that need the most help. So many people still fear technology because they misunderstand it. A few students come in and have never touched a computer before, or they have a fear of even touching the mouse because they're scared they will mess something up – that can be a big challenge! So first I show them, and then we do it together, and then I give them a small project to do. But my greatest joy is when I see those students who've really been struggling finally ‘get it’. You see it on their face! After that, it won't be long before they're excited about how they can use it to benefit their ministry, their church and even their family."

In the midst of all of this, Harold's greatest joy is looking back and seeing how God has sovereignly orchestrated the details of his life. The young man who didn't want to go to college honors his mother by obeying the call of the Father!


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Conference Presentations

  • Houston Area Christian Education Conference – 2011 & 2012
    • Creative Teaching Methods: Exploring 20 Ways to Engage Learners
  • Greater St. Matthew Christian Education Conference – April 2010
    • Adult Teaching Levels of Learning
    • Integrating Technology in Teaching