Harvey F.A.Q.

Due to the financial hardship I experienced as a result of the hurricane and flooding is there any financial assistance available for CBS students enrolled for the fall 2017 semester?

We are aware and are grieved that many of our students and their families have been dramatically impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding. If you are one of these students, you can submit an application request to potentially increase your financial aid or apply for an emergency scholarship. Go to to obtain additional information and access the application. Students will be contacted as soon as possible after their application is received and reviewed.


Will the Deadline for Withdrawals Be Extended?

The deadline for withdrawal with a 100% refund for session 1 of the fall semester has been extended to Tuesday, September 12. 

The deadlines for 70% and 30% refunds have also been extended an additional week from the original respective deadlines. See the New Deadlines for Enrollment, Financial Aid, Etc. below.

We encourage any student considering withdrawal to contact [email protected]  prior to taking such action.  We are committed to working with students during this difficult time as they transition back to school.


What are the New Deadlines for Enrollment, Financial Aid, Etc.?

New Deadlines and Due Dates Are:

  • Last Day to Drop for 100% refund: Tuesday, Sept. 12
  • Last Day to Drop for 70% refund: Monday, Sept. 18
  • Last Day to Drop for 30% refund: Monday, Sept. 25
  • Last Day to Arrange a Payment Plan: Tuesday, Sept. 12
  • Last Day to apply for Emergency funds: Wednesday, Sept. 27
  • Last Day to apply for financial aid funds reinstatement or additional financial aid funds: Wednesday, Sept. 13 for fall session 1, classes resuming or starting September 5th 
  • Last Day to apply for financial aid funds reinstatement or additional financial aid funds: Wednesday, October 5 for fall session 2, classes starting October 16th 
  • Last Day to Drop with a W: Tuesday, Oct. 31 


If your financial aid is still being processed the financial aid staff will contact you with a decision or an update as soon as possible. If you need to complete your MyFA portal for the fall semester, it is not too late.  Please click here and log in using your Sonis Student ID and password or create a new account.


What if I need create a payment plan or need additional time to pay my tuition?

If you need additional time to pay your tuition, please send an email to [email protected].  We will respond to your email when the college reopens and will work with you to protect your classes from being dropped.


Will the Semester Be Extended?

The first online session was extended one week. All other classes are at the discretion of the faculty. Some can cover the material without adding make up days, others may wish to add time to each class session, while others may add week(s) to their classes. Professors have been instructed to provide maximum flexibility to students and to discuss how missed classes will be made up on the first day of class. If a student needs an extension on an assignment as a result of circumstances related to Hurricane Harvey, please email the professor and copy Dr. Joseph Parle the CBS Academic Dean at [email protected]


What Facilities Will Be Open This Weekend to CBS Students?

All CBS departments will resume operations when we reopen September 5, 2017


What Can Students Do if They Are Unable to Return for Scheduled Reopening?

We understand the considerable challenges some students may face in returning by Tuesday, Sept. 5, when classes resume.  CBS is committed to making every accommodation that is realistically possible to allow these students to return and continue their studies at a slightly later date.  Students who cannot return should contact their professor via email and copy Dr. Joe Parle, Vice President and Academic Dean at [email protected], so we can determine what arrangements can be made. Include your full name, student ID number and a good contact number.


What is the status of Online and Distance Education?

Online and distance education classes will resume when CBS reopens on September 5. Please contact your professor if you have any specific questions regarding your course.


What are the Road Conditions Near College of Biblical Studies-Houston?

Thankfully, the College did not flood and all roads near the campus are accessible. To check road conditions or potential routes to get to campus, TranStar Houston has a real-time website at 


Other Questions

If you do not find the information you need in this FAQ, you can send an inquiry to [email protected]