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Health Requirements for New Students

 The College of Biblical Studies is dedicated to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Recently the media has been inundated with news reports concerning EBOLA and people traveling from Africa other countries back to the U.S. having been exposed to and infected by the disease.  We are monitoring reports and facts concerning EBOLA through the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for up to date information.  

CBS will be following the guidance provided by CDC for faculty, staff and students including monitoring and conducting a risk assessment of any individual who traveled to countries where the EBOLA outbreak is occurring. 

What should you be doing?

  • Be in prayer for the people and countries impacted by EBOLA. 
  • If you should become aware of a faculty, staff or student who has traveled to a country (Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone) experiencing the EBOLA outbreak you should notify Human Resources or the Office of Dean of Students as appropriate.

We know the best way to fight any sickness or disease is to have the proper knowledge of the disease and how to protect yourself and others against it. Below are Quick Take-Aways on EBOLA for what you need to know.

Quick Take-Aways

  • EBOLA is a rare and deadly disease found in several African countries.
  • EBOLA is spread through direct contact with blood and body fluids of a person who is sick with EBOLA.
  • Family and friends of EBOLA patients are at highest risk of getting sick because they may come in contact with the blood or body fluids.
  • If you visited a country affected by the EBOLA outbreak (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone) and develop a fever within 21 days you should seek medical care right away.
  • The likelihood of an EBOLA outbreak occurring in the U.S. remains extremely low, even considering the confirmation of cases that may be diagnosed here. 
  • The infection control and contact investigation practices used in the U.S. are very advanced and well configured to contain infectious diseases, including EBOLA. 
  • The U.S. public health system has specific procedures in place to help identify and isolate persons who are sick with EBOLA and to do the same for their contacts. 
  • And finally, we would like to remind everyone that they are more likely to become ill with flu, measles and other vaccine-preventable illnesses than EBOLA.

For more information on the EBOLA disease visit the Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services or call them at (713) 439-6000. You may also visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or call them at
1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination

Effective for the spring 2014 semester, all new CBS students are required to receive a vaccination against bacterial meningitis or to meet certain criteria for requesting a waiver from such a vaccination prior to registration for classes.  This is a state requirement in accordance with Texas Senate Bill 1107 (SB1107), as amended by SB 62. Students who are age 22-years-old or older are exempt from this vaccination requirement, per SB62, which will become effective on January 1, 2014.  

The law defines a “new student” as:
1. New Student - A first-time student of an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education and includes a student who transfers to the institution from another institution;

2. A student who previously attended an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education before January 1, 2012 and who is enrolling in the same or another institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education following a break in enrollment of at least one fall or spring semester.

Students are required to complete the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine form, including the month, date, and year of meningitis vaccination, and return to the CBS – Admissions Office after they have been accepted as a student. Accompanying documentation, showing the signature of a physician, other healthcare worker, or public health official must be included with the completed form. Students will not be able to register for, nor attend, classes until this form and accompanying documentation has been received. Students must also have had the vaccine ten days before classes begin. If not, students will not be allowed to enter class until ten days have passed since their vaccine.

Students may waive the requirement with the following:

1. An affidavit or certificate signed by a physician who is duly registered and licensed to practice in the United States, stating that in the physician’s opinion, the vaccination would be injurious to the health and well-being of the student;

2. An affidavit signed by the student stating that the student declines the vaccination for reasons of conscience, including religious belief. A conscientious exemption form from the Texas Department of State Health Services must be used. This form may be requested by going to
 The deadlines for compliance with the above requirements related to the term the student is admitted or readmitted into CBS are below. Failure to comply by the deadline for the term of admission term will result in the student not being able to enroll for the term.  



Spring 2015 12/17/2014
Summer 2015 04/22/2015

Important facts about Bacterial Meningitis 

Where can I get vaccinated?

If you have not been vaccinated within the past 5 years, you may be able to receive a Bacterial Meningitis vaccine from the following:
• your health care provider
• a local health clinic in your neighborhood or
• your local pharmacy
• Harris County Health Centers
(You should contact the provider to determine if an appointment is required)

 Harris County Health Centers


Harris County Health Centers

Antoine Clinic

5815 Antoine, Houston 77091


Baytown Clinic

1000 Lee Drive, Baytown 77529


Humble Clinic

1730 Humble Place, Humble 77338


La Porte Clinic

1009 Broadway, La Porte 77571


Southeast Clinic

3737 Red Bluff, Pasadena 77503


If I take classes online or distance education, do I have to have a vaccination?
• If you are only taking classes online you are not required to take the vaccination

• If you are taking any face-to-face CBS courses at any site, you are required to get the Bacterial Meningitis vaccination if you fall within the law requirement.

What CBS Office or department do I submit my Bacterial Meningitis Immunization forms to?

The CBS Admissions Office located in suite 114 Houck Academic Center 7000 Regency Square Blvd. Houston, TX 77036 or

What if I don't know or remember if I have been vaccinated?

Please contact your local health care provider for a medical opinion.

What is considered a Bacterial Meningitis vaccination?

The Meningitis vaccination recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (MCV4 and MPSV4) offers protection for Meningitis groups A, C, Y and W-135. The MCV4 and MPSV4 are the only vaccines currently accepted. Please visit the CDC website for additional information.

What happens if I don't submit proper forms or proof of being vaccinated?

A hold will be placed on your student record and you will not be able to register for classes until proper medical documentation is received.