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Logos Academic Discount Program for College of Biblical Studies:
Accelerated Degree Completion Program in Biblical Counseling, Christian Leadership, and Organizational Leadership only

50% off - Logos Bible Software Academic Discount Program & Scholarship Opportunity
Save Time: Complete assignments in a fraction of the time – search hundreds of books with a click
Save Money: Buy books for about $1 each – payments as low as $25/month
Save Space: Carry all your books on your laptop or even in your shirt pocket  – an entire library that’s portable
Multi-Platformed: Licensed for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and pretty much any smart phone or tablet capable of accessing the internet – take your books with you anywhere

Discounted Collections increase in quantity but also quality!:

  • Silver Library – Contains almost 700 resources worth over $13,000.00 in print.  Retail $999.95 – Your Price $499.98 or on a payment plan at $46.67 for 12 months
  • Gold Library – Contains over 1,000 Bibles and Bible reference resources worth almost $21,000.00 in print! Retail $1549.95 – Your Price $774.98 or on a payment plan at $69.58 for 12 months. The most affordable package with all the features of Logos 5.
  • Platinum Library – Contains over 1,300 resources worth over $28,000 in printed volumes. Retail $2149.95 – Your Price $1,074.98 or a payment plan at $64.72 for 18 months
  • Diamond Library – Contains almost 2,000 resources worth over $52,500 in printed volumes  Retail $3449.95 – Your Price $1,724.98 or a payment plan at $100.83 for 18 months.
  • Portfolio - Our Premiere Library contains over 2,500 resources, worth over $78,000 in printed volumes Retail $4979.95 – Your price $2,489.98 or a payment plan at $108.75 for 24 months.
  • Logos Academic TrainingRetail $289.00 (over 8 hours of training, Specify PC or Mac): $50.00 (or $4.17/month)
  • Minimal Crossgrade for Silver - $159.95: adds features and functions normally found in Gold library or above, Academic Discount $24.95.

Additional Titles Required:

  • Basic Bible Interpretation by Roy Zuck:  $ 16.30
  • Hermeneutics: Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation 2nd ed. by Henry Virkler:  $ 21.99
  • Kingdom of Priests by Eugene Merrill: $ 39.99
  • Biblical Lovemaking: A Study of the Song of Solomon by Arnold Fruchtenbaum:  $ 5.53

Purchasing a base library registers you as an Academic Participant until you graduate, making you eligible for deeper discounts on the rest of our over 40,000 titles!

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Order Now!  As a student or faculty, you may qualify for academic pricing on future purchases.  Please fill out our Academic Program Application at  Once your application is approved, you will receive academic pricing for additional resources purchased from for the next six months as students. You can renew for a few years as a student in a degree/certificate/diploma program or as long as you are teaching college or graduate school.

Remember to apply for the Logos Bible College Scholarship or Logos Seminary Scholarship.

A couple of typical errors students make when filling in the Academic Application are:

  • When filling in School Name, College of Biblical Studies, they need to start typing the name of the school, but when a school list starts populating, they need to click on the name of the correct school in the list.  If they type the name in, the program defaults to Other, and they will only get a 30% discount instead of the 50% Required Student Discount.  Then they have to contact us, and we have to re-write the order and credit back the difference.
  • If a library is only required for a specific class(es), then they need to check they are in that class.  All too often the eye goes down to the next question at School Name, but they need to go to the right of School Name, College of Biblical Studies, and click on the class that is required, Logos Training, or they will end up getting the 30% discount instead of the 50% Required Student Discount.
  • They will need to upload a picture file (jpeg file format, not word.doc or PDF) of their student ID or something that verifies they are current students, (acceptance letter, tuition receipt, class schedule, etc.).  They can use their camera phone or any screen capture (PC:Windows 7 has Snipping Tool, XP and Vista have Paint, save to My Pictures and upload that file; Mac: use Command+Shift+4 and drag what you want to copy, then save to Desktop and upload that file .)
  • Once a picture is uploaded they will get a message saying they will be approved in a 1-2 days, BUT they may order immediately without waiting for approval and get the correct discount.
  • If you need assistance filling out the Academic Application and getting the correct pricing, please call Customer Service at 800-875-6467 between 6 and 6 PT M – Sa.