The Cohort Experience


Cohorts are designed with the adult learner in mind. We understand that adult learners have specific responsibilities and challenges. In a cohort model, you will become part of a group that will be together from the first course through graduation. You will build trust, communication and camaraderie with other adults who personally understand the rigors of obtaining a degree while taking care of a family, career and other realities of life.


Research shows that students who participate in cohort groups have higher graduation rates, a greater sense of community with their peers, and the ability to better plan their degrees due to the structured order of courses.


Students take only one course at a time and the courses are accelerated five weeks in length. The program is 24-months of six consecutive semesters, requiring 9 credits each semester from CBS core curriculum.



Library Services


Online students will have access to the same research tools and databases as our traditional on-campus students. Click here to find out more information.

The Mission of CBS


The College of Biblical Studies-Houston provides biblically based education for the Body of Christ, with primary focus on African-American and other ethnic minority groups, and equips its students with a biblical worldview for Christian service to the church and the world.


CBS has been providing quality biblically based education since 1976. For information click here.

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