Special Admission

Non-high school graduates may be admitted based on special admission requirements provided that the student has the ability to benefit from college level instruction. Upon analysis of student academic ability and/or performance objectives, non-high school graduate applicants may be: (1) required to take developmental courses; (2) restricted from certain courses and programs; (3) ineligible for federal or state aid, grants and loans; (4) required to obtain a high school diploma or GED equivalent prior to degree conferral.

Applicants seeking admission under this category must have completed their sophomore year of high school, or be beyond the age of compulsory attendance (18 years old in the state of Texas). Course selection and load may be restricted for students admitted under this category. Any student admitted under this category is automatically placed on academic probation and must maintain a “C" average. At the successful completion of 6-credit hours with an established 2.0 GPA (“C” average), the student will be removed from probation, if qualified. These 6-credit hours must be completed within the first 3 semesters of enrollment in the College.  

Personal Enrichment Students

Personal Enrichment students are those who do not desire to pursue a program at the CBS. Admission requirements are the same for these students (see Admission Criteria); however, no placement testing is required. Personal Enrichment students can take a maximum of 15 credits. Those students who desire to continue beyond the maximum of 15 credits should contact the Office of Student Success and Advising to speak with an Enrollment Advisor regarding program entry. At that time, placement testing may be required for program entry and completion of entrance assessments will be required within the first 30 days of the first term of enrollment in the program.

International Admissions

The College of Biblical Studies does not currently grant admission to individuals requiring an I-20 form or anyone who is in the United States on a visa.

Probationary Admissions Policy

An applicant may be admitted to the College with a “Probationary” status. The admission status will be based upon an applicant’s academic or disciplinary records, or other application information. CBS reserves the right to review, deny or approve, on a case-by-case basis, any applicant for any reason. Applicants who are currently on probation/suspension at the last college they attended will be subject to additional review. An applicant in this category, if subsequently granted admission, will be designated a “Probationary Admission.” To continue at CBS in good standing, it is essential that during the first semester of enrollment, the student maintain at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA (some may be required to achieve a higher GPA as set by the Admissions committee, be in good standing with the College and comply with any other requirements. Following the first semester of enrollment, the student will be reevaluated and based upon findings, will be allowed subsequent enrollment without provisions.