The Faculty of College of Biblical Studies

The College of Biblical Studies (CBS) demonstrates a strong commitment to the institution's educational mission through faculty who demonstrate scholarship and a heart for ministry. CBS full-time faculty members have significant ministry experience as well as academic qualifications. For instance, the majority of full-time faculty members and adjunct faculty members currently serve or have served in a staff position at a local church. Some of these ministries include: Missionary, Church Pastor, Preaching Pastor, Associate Pastor, Director of Church Counseling, Coordinator of Pre-Marital Counseling, Student Ministry Pastor, Pastor of Leadership Development, Evangelism Minister, Christian Education Director, Discipleship Pastor, Worship Leader, Church Planting Pastor, Hispanic Pastor, Pastor of Assimilation, Director of Membership and Maturity, Church Consultant, Consultant for Children's Homes, School Principal, Minister of Missions, Camp Director, Chaplain and Minister to Prisons.

The mission of the College of Biblical Studies (CBS) is to provide college level Bible education and biblically based general education for the Body of Christ, with primary focus on African-American and other ethnic minority groups, and to equip its students with a biblical worldview for ministry in and for the church and the world. The mission of the College of Biblical Studies requires the College to provide high-quality instruction from a biblical perspective, so the College is committed to hire and retain highly qualified faculty in order to accomplish its mission. 

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