CBS Watchman Alert System

Your safety is our priority

The CBS Watchman Alert System uses text, e-mail, voice messages to alert CBS students and employees in the event of an emergency or urgent situation. Alert messages are sent to registered mobile phones, home phones and e-mail addresses. 

The personal safety of students, faculty and staff is the top priority of the College of Biblical Studies.  We want to take every precaution to ensure your safety in the event of a campus emergency. The CBS Watchman Alert System provides you with timely notification if an unforeseen event occurs that would close the campus and threaten safety.  Students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in the emergency alert system and may elect not to participate by completing the Emergency Notification System Election Not to Participate Form.

Your contact information is automatically stored in the emergency alert system. Any changes students make to this information under my records within Sonis Web will be automatically updated in CBS Watchman Alert System. For faculty and staff any information needs to be updated under Insperity. 

If you have questions about the CBS Watchman Alert System, please contact Terry Bryan, Director of Real Estate Operations 832.252.4676 or

Students can elect not to participate in CBS Watchman Alert System by completing the Election not to Participate Form. The election must be renewed at the start of each academic year or the student, faculty or staff will automatically be enrolled in CBS Watchman Alert System. To change an election not to participate, send an email, including name and student identification to the Office of the Registrar at