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The College of Biblical Studies is nationally accredited with institutional membership status with Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), and we are affiliated with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) as their newest Certified Training Center (CTC), the only CTC in Greater Houston.

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Bachelor of Science

Biblical Counseling

• Prepare for a career in biblical counseling and church ministry.

• 120-hour course

• Gain biblical knowledge through a biblical model for Christian counseling.

 Biblical Studies 

• Trained in Christian Leadership and Biblical Counseling.

• Apply principles for Christian Ministry.

• Fully equipped to biblically defend your position on major biblical interpretive issues.

Organizational Leadership

• Prepare for Christian leadership in business, management, entrepreneurship, church, or non-profit organizations.

• Develop analytical expertise and functional frameworks drawn from a broad range of managerial skills.

Women's Ministry

• Equipped with the knowledge needed to effectively lead and minister to other women.

•Gain a vast array of biblical knowledge and skills.

• Develop a biblical philosophy of effectively ministering to women.

Bachelor of Science via Accelerated Degree Completion

Biblical Studies + Biblical Counseling

• 120-hour course

• Prepare to engage in church, parachurch, or private biblical counseling, and provide a base for seminary or other graduate training. 

Biblical Studies + Christian Leadership (Español)

El propósito del programa de 120 horas crédito con especializaciones compartidas en Estudios Bíblicos y Liderazgo Cristiano que culmina en una Licenciatura en Ciencias está diseñado para proporcionar a los líderes cristianos educación bíblica y teológica a fin de equiparlos para una vida de servicio vocacional o laico como un líder en la iglesia, en organización paraeclesiástica y / o negocio.

Organizational Leadership

• Prepares you for Christian leadership in business, management, entrepreneurship, church, or non-profit organizations.

• Designed to develop traits of character and competence and prepare you the face the challenges of leadership

• You will develop analytical expertise and functional frameworks drawn from a broad range of managerial skills.

Biblical Studies + Biblical Counseling + Christian Leadership

• 144-credit hour

• Engage in church, parachurch, or private biblical counseling, or provide a base for seminary or other graduate training, and equip Christian leaders for a life of vocational or lay service as a leader in the church, parachurch, and/or business.

Biblical Studies + 

• 120-hour course

• This degree is designed to equip men and women with who have ninety prior college hours with the skills necessary for ministry in a variety of contexts.

Associate of Biblical Studies (English)

The 60-hour program leading to the Associate of Biblical Studies degree is designed for lay leaders and ministry support personnel in the church and parachurch organizations who require only foundational biblical studies. It may also be used as the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program. Credits earned in this program may be applied to the bachelor’s degree programs offered at the College or, when appropriate, may be transferable to other institutions.

Upon completion of the program, successful students will be able to:

1.Categorize the literary forms of biblical books.

2.Learn and apply principles of Christian ministry.

Associate of Biblical Studies (Español)

El programa de 70 horas conduciendo al título de Asociado en Estudios Bíblicos es diseñado para
líderes laicos y para personal de apoyo en la iglesia y organizaciones para eclesiásticas que requieren un fundamento en
estudios bíblicos. También podrá ser utilizado los primeros dos años de un programa de título de licenciatura. Créditos
obtenidos en este programa podrán ser aplicados al programa de título de licenciatura ofrecido en el Colegio o, cuando
es apropiado, se puede transferir a otras instituciones.

Al finalizar el programa, los estudiantes exitosos lograrán:

1. Clasificar las formas literarias de los libros bíblicos

2. Aprender y aplicar principios del ministerio cristiano.


Bible Certificate (English and Spanish)

The 30-hour program leading to the Bible Certificate is designed to provide basic biblical knowledge and rudimentary skills in Bible interpretation and principles of biblical teaching. This program is offered in both English and Spanish. Upon completion of the program, successful students will be able to:

1. Distinguish the basic content of each of the biblical books.

2. Know the foundational principles of inductive Bible interpretation.

3. Categorize the major doctrines of the Bible.

4. Demonstrate growth in their spiritual life.

5. Develop a biblical worldview.

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Bachelor of Science - Biblical Studies 4+1 Master’s Track

4+1 = Two Degrees! Earn a bachelor’s degree at the College of Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts (Christian Studies) at Dallas Theological Seminary in just five years. This new 4+1 program is convenient and cost-effective: 

    • Courses can be taken online or on campus, giving you greater flexibility to earn two degrees in less time
    • Dallas Theological Seminary’s Houston extension is located on the CBS campus
    • Reduced semesters = reduced tuition
    • Less time earning your degree means more time in ministry!

Dual Credit Program

Our dual credit program is designed to encourage students to complete their high school diploma while gaining college credits to put towards an associate or bachelor's degree.

    • First two courses are tuition-free
    • Select college level classes for high schoolers from 9th-12th grade.
    • Courses meet requirements for a high school diploma
    • Creates a springboard for a bachelor's degree