What the world needs now.. is the healing touch of Christmas 

As believers, you and I are called to shine the light of the gospel to the darkest corners of the world. I don’t have to tell you that we’re living in especially dark times. But during this special season of Christmas, I reflect on the power of God’s greatest act of love for you and me: the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The love God expresses through the birth and ministry of Christ is the only balm that has the power to heal our hurts and our hearts. Now more than ever, the world needs the healing touch of Jesus.

With the support of generous donors like you, we are planting the Bible in the hearts and minds of students who grow into the type of leaders our world is crying out for today. The Biblical education we’re providing our students underpins each graduating class with wisdom and knowledge.

Will you consider making a special Christmas donation to CBS today? In this era of confusion and division, the world needs Biblical clarity and leadership more than ever before.

CBS relies on donor support to help us provide affordable Biblical education to all. Your tax-deductible Christmas gift will help ensure we’re able to meet our students’ needs as they gain wisdom and knowledge through the most definitive textbook ever written.

Daniel 2:21 reminds me of just how aligned our mission is with God’s decree to equip men and women to impact the world for Christ: And HE CHANGES the TIMES and the SEASONS. HE removes Kings and Raises up Kings. He gives WISDOM to the WISE and KNOWLEDGE to THOSE WHO HAVE UNDERSTANDING.

Please join me in spreading the love and healing touch of Jesus with your tax-deductible Christmas donation today. You, too, will feel the transformational power of connecting students to God’s word and plan for their future.

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